1. How do you ensure the quality of your vegetables?

Each of the farms we have partnered with use strict organic practices and are certified organic by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center, USDA, or approved by IFOAM. We have thoroughly researched and regularly visited each of these farms. Most importantly, we feed ourselves and our loved ones with the same vegetables that we are delivering to you and your loved ones!.

Because of their freshness, you can enjoy vegetables at their most nutritious state with the finest flavor and texture when they are picked at their peak ripeness.

2. Who are the farmers?

Our farmers are local people who strongly believe in natural agricultural practices and are willing to promote organic agriculture.

3. Why are some vegetables available at certain time of the year in supermarkets and not at Eat FRESH?

Traditionally vegetables are grown during their best season. Only in the past decades have agricultural techniques changed to allow any type of produce throughout the year. At Eat FRESH we still believe in seasonality and we strongly support the natural cycles of growing according to the local climate. This is the reason why at Eat FRESH you might not find the same vegetables available on the shelves of the supermarkets. And this is why we want to make a difference!

4. Why do Eat FRESH vegetables have shorter shelf life?

Simply because our vegetables are not treated with preservatives that are able to extend the shelf life of food. Even if they cannot last for weeks, you can take some measures to consume them at your convenience still appreciating the freshness. Vegetables will stay fresher for longer if stored properly. We recommend you to consume the leafy greens within 2 days. Please see our storage tips that will help you preserve flavor and crispness and to get the best value from your vegetables.

5. Why Eat FRESH vegetables may be slightly more expensive than other organic vegetables found in supermarkets?

First, we pride ourselves in providing you with the freshest, safest, and premium quality vegetables you can get. Freshness is the big difference from the vegetables found in Hong Kong supermarkets. Secondly, our farmers operate on a small scale and according to non intensive farming methods: their production is more costly. Finally, you receive your order at your doorstep without any added hassle: we have to face significant logistics costs to arrange collection, sorting, bundling, packing and delivery to your doorstep within a few hours.

6. What size of bag is best for me?

Our 3.5kg Organic Seasonal Bag is typically enough for a family of four for approximately 4-5 days. The 6kg bag is good for a larger-size family or big veggie-eaters for approximately 4-5 days. You can increase your order by choosing additional items from the A la carte option.

7. What do I get in a typical vegetables bag?

The seasonal vegetable bags will reflect the produce that is available at the farms. A 3.5kg bag usually contains up to 10 different items, while the 6kg up to 12 different items. A 4kg green juicing bag is for green juicing, it contains little amount of fruit, usually one item.

8. Do I have a choice of my desired vegetables in my bag?

Yes, you have the choice of up to 2 desired vegetables: you can either inform us if you have any allergy or strong dislike or if you have a vegetable that you always wish to receive. Please let us know by filling in the ‘Special Request’ field during your order process.

9. Is there a minimum order value?

A delivery fee of HK$80 for orders below the minimum of $345 will be applied at check out. If you live in Kowloon or New Territories but you want to be delivered on Hong Kong Island, please fill in an alternative delivery address (e.g. office). PLEASE NOTE: Eat FRESH reserves the right to correct and request the shipping fee if an address is incorrectly typed into our delivery order system. For Discovery Bay, Shek O and some other "outer area" customers, we are only able to deliver the veggie boxes one day after the box has left the farms.

10. Can I order a box as a gift for someone else?

Yes, send your request to delivery@eatfresh.com.hk. You can recharge your friends and familiy members Eat FRESH accounts so they can ejoy their healthy shopping with us.

11. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Online payments via credit card and Paypal payments using our website.

12. What days do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays in Hong Kong Island and Wednesday in Kowloon and N.T.. Some far areas in the N.T. may have different schedules, please checl with us if in doubts. We do not deliver to outlying islands at the moment.

13. Is the delivery fee included?

Delivery fee is waived with minimum order of HK $345. Below the minimum order a delivery fee of HK $80 applies.

14. Do I have to be at home when you deliver?

It depends on the policies of your building or residence. If nobody is at home, please let us know if we can leave the vegetable bag to the tower lobby or concierge. For some other "outer area" customers, we are only able to deliver the veggie bags one day after the bag has left the farms. The bags are stored in safe and clean fridges overnight and delivered to you the next day. We are working on a solution to this and aim to be able to deliver same-day once we reach an increased volume of customers in that area. We encourage customers in these areas to conact us at delivery@eatfresh.com.hk to discuss the needs of the area. 3RD PARTY DELIVERIES - For customers of those "outer areas", we will work with a 3rd party delivery service, Yamato Transport (HK) LTD. In the event that the customer is absent for the delivery, you are responsible to contact Yamato within the next 24 hrs to arrange re-delivery. Eat FRESH is not liable for any compensation to you resulting from your delivery not reaching you at the scheduled time.