Why Choose Local?

Why Choose Local?


In a globalized food market run by a few mega-corporations, it is difficult to resist the temptation of eating out of season: it is too easy to get a pack of tomatoes or strawberries throughout the year in any supermarket of the city you live in. Especially in Hong Kong, one of the most global cities in the world, the supermarkets must meet the demand of multi-cultural eaters. They are able to provide food from different countries, around the year, but the freshness and quality of the food is not always guaranteed.

At Eat FRESH, we value the different food traditions and the eating habits of everybody. But we also value the health of our planet and we want to respect the agricultural practices and the work of the local farmers. We believe that the health of our planet and our family benefits from eating locally and organic.

Even our Eat FRESH puppies enjoy the benefits of our produce - the picture shows Zighy enjoying our organic celery.


It is widely known that imported products are harvested before ripening and lose important vitamins and minerals during travel time. The quantity of vitamin C in fruit and vegetables, for example, decreases significantly after being harvested. Therefore, it is wise to choose fruit and vegetables that go directly from the field to your kitchen.

It is sadly quite common that many types of fruit and vegetables are stored for months in cold and dark places, where the quantity of vitamin C and good micro-nutrients degenerates. Many foods on the shelves of supermarkets retain freshness and appearance thanks to the special protective atmospheres in which they are packaged and stored: lower quantities of oxygen slow the aging of the food, which can then be consumed throughout the year. The use of other gases inhibits the activity of bacteria, mould and respiration, thus slowing the maturation of fruit and vegetables.

Having the opportunity of getting locally harvested vegetables is not only sustainable for the planet and healthy for us but it simply tastes much better! We have even tested this is local Hong Kong schools - a class of 13 - 15 year olds blind tasted organic vs conventional veggies, and the children could not only identify which was which, but also all agreed that organic tastes MUCH sweeter and yummy.


At Eat FRESH, we support the idea of seasonality for many reasons.

Growing vegetables following the natural cycle of the land and of the climate has recently become a conscious choice for some farmers and an increasing common habit for conscious consumers. Eating local means adapting to the climate and the weather in which the food grows. Seasonal food helps you to sync with the natural cycle of the planet and teaches us how to respect the cycle of life.

In Hong Kong the seasons can be very different compared to the seasons some of us have been exposed to else where. Crops that are grown in Europe between May and September may need to be grown in Hong Kong during the winter time, which is milder than in Europe but drier. For example, tomatoes cannot grow with a big rate of humidity but still prefer warmer weather. Therefore, you will find local tomatoes on Hong Kong starting in November until May.


This chart shows which crops are related to which season according to the Hong Kong climate.